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Antigua, the main island of Antigua & Barbuda, offers 280 square kilometers of stunning beaches, tropical ocean waters and quaint villages with an eclectic blend of history, culture and first class resorts. Explore underwater kingdoms, tour old naval ports where British influences still linger or take in the sunset from one of the island’s beachfront restaurants.

Hug the coastline and you’ll find a secluded beach at every turn, with world class dive sites lurking just offshore. History buffs can get their fill too; from the 17th century English Harbour and Nelson’s Dockyard National Park to old sugar plantations, there are plenty of cultural experiences lying in wait. The pace at which you explore it all, however, is up to you. Spend your day gazing out over the blue horizon from your resort’s infinity pool, don your snorkeling mask and breach the ocean surface or dig your heels into one of the countless white-sand beaches for an afternoon nap. And when it comes to sampling the flavours of the Caribbean, rest assured you’ll find excellent local restaurants dishing up the freshest ingredients from both land and sea.

Fancy getting a bird’s eye view of Antigua’s powder-white sands and irresistible azure waters? Caribbean Helicopters offer fly-overs of some of the island’s best beauty spots, including Half Moon Bay, several uninhabited islands and lush coral reefs. A number of tour options are available, including a full day expedition both in the air and on land. Alternatively, hop on the most popular tour, which takes you over the majestic Monsterrat Volcano, or embark on an 18 minute flight north to the island of Barbuda. Whatever your choice, rest assured you’ll be exposed to some spectacular scenery complete with a generous helping of outstanding photo opportunities.

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