Our company operates Bell 206 series Long Ranger and Jet Ranger helicopters. All company aircraft are fitted with pop-out floats that can be deployed in seconds, providing the ability to land on water in the event of an emergency. All operations are fully insured and are regulated by the Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority (E.C.C.A.A.) to standards set by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (I.C.A.O.), the Civil Aviation Authority (C.A.A.) of the United Kingdom, and Federal Aviation Authority (F.A.A.) of the United States.

Bell 206b Jet Ranger

The Jet ranger series has become the definitive turbine powered light utility & corporate helicopter of the last three decades. The safety and reliability record of the four (4) passenger Jet Ranger sets the standard for the industry. With the power and dependability of its light weight turbine engine, the Jet Ranger is configured to do the job safely, quickly, and efficiently every time.

Bell 206L Long Ranger

The Bell 206L Long Ranger light helicopter is a stretched version of the Bell 206B Jet Ranger but boasts more power, performance and lifting capability than the Jet Ranger. The extra cabin size provides a very useful increase in utility with a six (6) passenger configuration. Its stable hover performance is great for aerial photography.