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Visit Montserrat, ‘the Other Emerald Isle” for what will surely be a unique and memorable experience. Throughout the island you will always be surrounded by verdant sceneries and spectacular coastal vistas. For the more active, you can hike one of our nine world-class trails, or maybe dive, snorkel and kayak our volcano-inspired waters, or simply relax on the secluded black sand beaches or “Lime” with the friendly residents. Experience and marvel at the world-famous active Soufrière Hills Volcano from the air, which rendered two-thirds of the island an Exclusion Zone, and created a modern-day Pompeii - the buried capital city, Plymouth.

Standard price: US $1615.00

Payment is due in full at the time of booking.

Check in and Depart from the VC Bird International Airport. Note: You must clear customs and immigration.

Please note, although we can arrange excursions, lunch reservations etc. all prices quoted are for the return charter flight only for a maximum number of 6 passengers per aircraft (Maximum gross weight 1000 lbs) . All local departure taxes will have to be paid prior to boarding.

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