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Fly to the Volcano stricken island of Montserrat and see the devastation firsthand. This is our most popular tour.

From Antigua you will fly direct to the East Coast of Montserrat. The entire flying tour of Montserrat is over the “exclusion zone”, which is an area that has been designated off limits to habitation or ground transportation, so the best way to see the volcano is by helicopter.


At the center of the exclusion zone is the Soufriere Hills Volcano, rising to 3000 feet above sea level, still active and frequently emitting a combination of ash, smoke and steam.

One thousand feet below is the massive Tar River Gorge and Delta, which has formed over the last six years as a result of avalanches of hot gas, rock, ash, dust known as pyroclastic flows.

The helicopter will then allow a view of Plymouth, the former capital of Montserrat which is now uninhabited, and in some places is buried in 40 feet of ash.

You will also see villages trapped in the exclusion zone such as Long Ground, Windy Hill and Spanish Point. On the seaside, you will now find the W.H. Bramble Airport. Closed after being hit by a pyroclastic flow in the fall of 1997, you will fly low down the abandoned runway at 100mph to give you a feeling of what it is like to be on the ground in the vicinity of the volcano, but from the safety and comfort of a helicopter.

After travelling along the East Coast, you will leave the island of Montserrat behind, taking vivid memories with you back to Antigua.

Note: Tour route over the exclusion zone of Montserrat may vary depending on weather and volcanic conditions.
Note: Please bring our passport with you.

Duration: 50 mins

Standard price: US $285.00 Per Person
Online Discount: US $10

Pay only a US$ 50 deposit to secure your flight. The remainder of your tour fee, is payable prior to your flight on arrival at our Fort Road heliport.

Deposit: $50.00
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